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Hi, my name is Matthew and thank you for visiting my website, Monster Mould. I've always had a fascination with props and set design sculpture from an early age. My background is p

hotography but during covid I decided to create a new profession for myself in sculpting dinosaurs and other wonderful creatures as paint yourself kits. I've always been fascinated with the film industry where sets and props were created that gave the audience a magical illusion. My favourite movie is Jurassic Park. This film was so influential to me to see fully built dinosaurs being used in a movie that created a realness I've never seen before. My goal at Monster Moulds is to create sculptures that inspire everyone of all ages. From my paint yourself dinosaurs to homeware wall art, my goal is to provide enjoyment, excitement, education and creative fun for everyone! 


If you are interested in children's parties, hens parties, homeware art or anything you would particularly like me to sculpt, please get in contact. I would love to hear from you.


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Monster Moulds


On Tuesday 6th June, Porepunkah Primary School was visited by Melbourne sculptor Matt Morden. Matt runs a sculpting company called Monster Moulds that makes paint-yourself dinosaurs and other creatures as an educational activity.


Matt spoke to students about the work he does making sculptures of different creatures such as dinosaurs, dragons, and deer. Matt then helped students from Foundation to Grade 6 to create their own sculptures using air dry clay. Students were able to use new skills to make sculptures of horses, sharks, and dinosaurs.


They were interested to hear about Matt's sculpting process, and had lots of questions about materials and techniques. 'Matt was a great teacher, he explained really well,' said Angelica (Grade 5). 'Matt gave us lots of tips to help us make our sculptures as good as possible,' said Elsie (Grade 5). 'He inspired me to do sculpting,' said Heidi (Grade 6). 'I enjoyed making my clay shark – Matt explained it very well,' said Eliza (Grade 5).



My bridesmaids organised Monster Moulds for my hens party, we each got a sexy statue, paints and brushes and we had a blast painting them! Huge hit and great quality! Highly recommend


My kids 5 and 3 loved making their dinosaur monster moulds! It's a great product and we will definitely be doing this again soon!


Let’s Work Together

Coburg North, Melbourne, Victoria

Australia, 3058

Tel: +61 450 872 951

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