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Monster Moulds

Paint Yourself Creatures

"Welcome to Monster Moulds, where creativity and fun come to life!


I also love Dinosaurs, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex and it has been a dream come true to create and manage a company that provides happiness for children and adults painting and designing my designs.


At monster moulds we have a large range of packages to suit all occasions. We strive to provide our products to create fun, laughter and creativity in which everyone can learn and express themselves. Monster Moulds are hand built sculptures to create the most epic 3d art for everyone to enjoy.

Gift Bags

Are you looking for a unique party bag option? Look no further than Monster Moulds. Our exciting and unique party bags are perfect for any occasion.


Not only are they fun, but they also encourage creative learning for both kids and adults. Get ready for a party to remember with Monster Moulds!

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Hens Parties

Are you ready to make your hen's party unforgettable? Get ready for a creative, unique, and fun experience with a paint-your-own David statue activity! Let's make your celebration one to remember!


We are pleased to announce that our exquisite sculptures are now available for your home decor requirements. Elevate the ambiance of any room with our exclusive art pieces that are sure to add a touch sophistication and uniqueness to your living space.

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Welcome to Monster Moulds, our hand crafted sculpture's that provides creative fun for everyone!

About Me

My name is Matthew Morden

Hi My name is Matthew and welcome to Monster Moulds, where sculpture is our life and passion. Our innovative designs capture the essence of art and are truly unique. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality sculptures to enhance the beauty of any space. Whether you're looking for kids, hens parties, homeware and weddings, we are dedicated to designing and creating the perfect piece tailored to your preferences. Let's build new designs together today!

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